2018 Course Overview

Coming This March 23-24, 2018:

The 10th Annual Long Island Live Endoscopy Course

Frontiers of Endoscopy, POEM, ESD, EFTR, STER and more... 

Stavros Stavropoulos, MD, Course Director


Registration begins: November 6, 2017

Procedures performed at: 
NYU Winthrop Hospital, Center for Advanced Endoscopy
Didactic Presentations at: 
Winthrop Research & Academic Conference Center, Mineola, NY

The course focuses on cutting-edge endoluminal surgery and NOTES techniques with 6 lectures and 12 live cases including 3 simultaneous POEMs demonstrating technique variations by 3 expert operators in challenging clinical scenarios, multiple ESD and full thickness resections of GI tumors (EFTR/STER), peroral pyloromyotomy and other novel endoscopic surgical procedures.

The course features live POEM & ESD cases by:

  • Haruhiro Inoue, an ESD pioneer and global “father of POEM”, POEM & STER/EFTR.
  • Pinghong Zhou, the highest volume POEM operator and “first-in-humans” EFTR/STER pioneer and live ESD.
  • Naohisa Yahagi, the pre-eminent ESD master in the world.
  • Sergey Kantsevoy,  will demonstrate western approaches to colonic ESD.
  • Stavros Stavropoulos,  Course Director demonstrates use of the Lumen-R device and western approaches to POEM, ESD and EFTR including hybrid knife and Overstitch techniques.
  • Chris Gostout, NOTES visionary and thought leader is the master of ceremonies providing masterful commentary and guidance to the live operators and audience.

**These videos are the property of  NYU Winthrop Hospital, Office of CME for educational purposes only and are not to be copied, downloaded or distributed for commercial use of any kind. No permissions for commercial use will be granted. All patients who appear in these educational videos have given their full consent to be filmed. All videos are HIPAA compliant as all patient identifier information has been held confidential.

For those interested in past LIL content, the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 courses are archived in their entirety (18 lectures and over 30 live “New NOTES”/endoluminal surgery procedures) at www.winthropendoscopy.org as an educational resource for those embarking on POEM, ESD, EFTR, STER, cricopharyngeal myotomy, endoscopic sleeve-gastroplasty, MUSE, transluminal EUS guided interventions and other “New NOTES” and endoluminal surgical procedures.


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